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Convenient Business Environment – Catalyst for Development of Youth Entrepreneurship

23 August 2019
Создание комфортной деловой среды – катализатор развития молодежного предпринимательства

The Innosocium Foundation for the Promotion of Social Development with the support of the Roscongress Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives are co-organizing one of Russia’s largest hackathons — DevService, which global goal is to create a Unified Platform to simplify business processes for young entrepreneurs. Hackathon participants are tasked with finding an original service idea aimed at simplifying business and assembling a team to refine the service and subsequently participate in the creation of the platform.

Teams and individual participants aged 16 to 30 are invited to participate in the Hackathon. The event’s preliminary stage got underway on 2 August with more than 50 teams from all over the country registering and presenting their projects with descriptions of the concepts and service architecture. Teams making it to the second stage will be announced on 19–22 August.

The second stage will be held from 24 to 25 August in 25 different Russian cities from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Participants will be provided with «Boiling Point» collective work spaces for two days. They will be given one day, from 1 o’clock to 1 o’clock, to finish the task. In addition, participants will be given the opportunity to confer with leading entrepreneurs and creators of successful startups. Winners of this stage will be announced directly during the event, on the evening of 25 August. The relevance and practical application of the technical solution will be evaluated according to three criteria: the originality of the idea, its concept (creativity), and its compliance with the law and ease of use, including the speed of the service.

«The development of youth business initiatives is a priority for the Roscongress Foundation Social Platform and the Innosocium Foundation. This is an important condition for creating a convenient environment for entrepreneurship in the country. In this regard, we consider it necessary to support the project of the Unified Platform and are glad to be able to work together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives,» Roscongress Deputy CEO and CEO of the Innosocium Foundation Elena Marinina said.

«Creating a Unified Platform for young entrepreneurs is an essential component in forming an entrepreneurial community. Therefore, a priority for the development of youth entrepreneurship will be the creation of convenient tools for implementing entrepreneurial initiatives, since the fresh approach and innovative thinking of new entrepreneurs and youth have every chance of being realized in serious business startups,» Agency for Strategic Initiatives Corporate Director Elena Myakotnikova said.

The winners of the second stage of the Hackathon will receive valuable prizes, the most important of which will be the opportunity to present their project on 17 September to an expert audience at a specially organized closed event.