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National Engineering Corporation: The Official Sponsor of GMIS-2019 and the General Partner of the ‘Pitch Session for a Billion’

11 July 2019
Национальная инжиниринговая корпорация – официальный спонсор  Глобального саммита GMIS-2019 и генеральный партнер «Питч-сессии на миллиард»

The National Engineering Corporation is serving as the official sponsor of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit. 

“The challenges of Industry 4.0 are not so much concentrated in the development of individual technical solutions as they are in industrial engineering and system integration, which are closely intertwined even in modern conditions. Further digitalization and the development of cyber physical systems will only strengthen the synergy of these two segments. Any engineering company operating under the formula of ‘we designed it, evaluated it, and forgot about it’, even in the existing pattern for implementing high-tech projects, becomes inefficient. Modern requirements, which will become the principle for work as we get closer to the concept of Industry 4.0, involve a preliminary study of technological and digital solutions, their integration into a unified system through digital modelling tools, and the further use of the results of such modelling, i.e. a digital twin, while monitoring the implementation of the project and its maintenance after launch”, Troshin said. 

The National Engineering Corporation is also serving as the general partner of the international ‘Pitch Session for a Billion’ at the Summit. The main focuses in which projects will be selected include: big data; neurotechnology and artificial intelligence; distributed registry systems; quantum technologies; new production technologies; the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT); robotics and sensorics components; wireless technology; and virtual and augmented reality technology. Following the international selection of 50 projects from Russia and 50 international projects, the candidates in the selection will be invited to the GMIS as participants and will have the opportunity to receive investments from global industrial corporations with the subsequent implementation of the ideas proposed by the start-ups and the scaling of ready-made solutions. The pitch session will result in the distribution of RUB 1 billion among the projects that are presented. 

National Engineering Corporation Chairman of the Board of Directors Igor Chaika noted: “The development of start-ups , small university-based innovative enterprises, and spin-off companies is one of the most important parts of economic systems that rely on constant technological growth, and there are no other highly efficient systems today. It’s at the level of these communities that are not yet structured as independent business units, promising ideas, and development models that an ecosystem is formed, which is then transformed into the strongest innovative economies of the world. If we want to live in a strong, independent country, then there should be constant support for the initiatives put forward by the scientists and engineers who are ready to translate their ideas into new technological or digital products. I am glad that we supported one of the new formats for the development of innovative entrepreneurship, and I sincerely wish the pitch session participants success in implementing their plans”.