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Anything at Your Fingertips: The Evolution of 3D Printing Beyond the Hype

10 July 2019
Все под рукой: объективный взгляд на эволюцию 3D-печати

A panel discussion titled ‘Anything at Your Fingertips: The Evolution of 3D Printing Beyond the Hype’ was held at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit on 10 July 2019.

The discussion participants said that 3D technologies are widely used today in the medical industry during the planning stage of operations and in the manufacturing of special tools and implants. Such technologies are highly important and have a wide range of development prospects. In this segment, materials that are compatible with living human tissue and must be certified are extremely important.

The speakers predicted that the market for 3D technologies will expand by 3.5 times by 2025, and the future production facilities of Industry 4.0 will primarily be associated with 3D printing. Such technologies can be used almost everywhere and in any country. Demand for them and their availability will only continue to increase. There will be 3D printers that even schoolchildren can use.

Domestic and foreign experts noted the existing problem of patenting inventions and finished 3D products. They believe that countries should have soft legislation in this regard, while the market and competition will force them to develop this area.

All the discussion participants were unanimously in favour of open state borders when it comes to 3D printing since this technology works for the public good and should not be closed off to society by a country’s «egoism», while any conflict of interests should be neutralized by law.