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Architecture Released for SPIEF 2019 Business Programme

15 April 2019
Опубликована архитектура деловой программы Петербургского международного экономического форума − 2019

The key topic of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum scheduled for 6–8 June 2019 is ‘Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda’.

«Issues of the current state and prospects for sustainable development of the global economy are particularly relevant today, as many events in the world, such as the transformation of international economic unions, growing social inequality, unstable trade and political relations, are continuing to impact on the global economy. In addition, sustainable development as a topic is also relevant from the point of view of environmental preservation, rational exploitation of natural resources and meeting our needs without detriment to future generations. These topics are of interest to leaders of world politics and business, and that is what we want to talk about at the Forum», said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation.

The structural programme of the Forum consists of four thematic blocks.

The track ‘The Global Economy in Search of a Balance’ includes topics devoted to discussion of the most topical trends in the world economy, geopolitics, macroeconomic development, environmental security and international trade. Several sessions will be devoted to ecology and nature, including study and conservation of the World Ocean, municipal solid waste (MSW) management and ecotourism. The Valdai Club will hold a session entitled ‘A New Europe: What Russia to Expect?’

Discussions and presentations of the most promising and important projects of federal importance will be held as part of the track ‘Russian Economy: Achieving National Development Goals’. This block covers the development ways of the Russian economy, its role in the global economy and the impact of the changing external and internal factors on specific industries and sectors. The topics include economic growth as a basis for reaching national development goals, implementation of social guarantees: partnership between the state and society, global competitiveness and export potential of Russian education, high-tech export, the innovative economy and youth entrepreneurship. A draft law on control and supervision will also be presented, its purpose being to create general conditions for control and supervisory bodies to operate in Russia.

The third track is ‘Technologies shaping the future’. Traditionally, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has been a platform for debating the latest achievements in science and technology, things that, in the near future, will change our ideas about life and business, issues of science diplomacy and international cooperation in science.

‘People first’ is the fourth track of SPIEF 2019. It will feature the Trianon Dialogue, along with such topics as the role of education, culture and art in the modern economy, and how human life is changing in the digital age.

In addition, SPIEF 2019 will feature business dialogues involving participants from Russia and members of foreign delegations from Austria, China, India, Italy, the United States, Finland, France, Switzerland and Africa, among others.

The Forum will also embrace the B20 Regional Consultation Forum, the Russia—China Energy Business Forum, International Youth Economic Forum, SCO Conference, SME Forum, and BRICS Conference.

The contribution made by female business leaders in the creation of successful business models will be discussed at the UNIDO Round Table.

The SPIEF business programme includes business breakfasts for the banking sector, pharmaceutical companies, and an IT breakfast

The architecture is available on the official website.