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International Arctic Forum 2019 to Discuss Two-Year Results of Arctic Medicine and Set New Goals

4 April 2019
На Международном арктическом форуме – 2019 обсудят итоги работы медицины Арктики за два года и поставят новые цели

An ‘Arctic Health: Results of Two Years and New Goals’ session will take place with international participation as part of the International Arctic Forum. Speakers will include Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Kamkin, Chairman of the City Council of Oulu Kyosti Oikarinen, Vice-President Research at the University of the Arctic of the University of Oulu Arja Rautio, and Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Vladimir Solodov among others.

Discussion participants will speak about results achieved while caring for the health of citizens of the Arctic regions of Russia over the past 2 years, how medical personnel shortages in the Arctic territories have been dealt with, and success stories and problems related to implementing telemedicine technologies in the Arctic.

“It is a national priority to provide the population with high-quality medical services. Russia’s Arctic regions must make their own significant contribution to achieving the national goal of increasing life expectancy to 78 years by 2024”, Yevgeny Kamkin said.

The development of medical care is vital in making the Arctic regions more attractive places to live. “Speedy development of the Northern Sea Route and increased Arctic zone investment attractiveness will make the regions of the Far North more attractive for work and life. The main ingredients for success in this endeavour, as for other constituent entities, include affordable, high-quality medical care, programmes promoting health, and improved prosperity for all citizens”, Vladimir Solodov said.

The session will also discuss the particularities of patient routing in the northern territories, the regional and municipal organization of combined public healthcare efforts, and priority research projects aimed at preserving the health of the Arctic population.