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Top Refrigerated Carriers Will Take Part in Seafood Expo Russia 2019

1 April 2019
Крупнейшие рефперевозчики примут участие в Seafood Expo Russia 2019

The III Seafood Expo, which is to be held 10–12 July in tandem with the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo in St. Petersburg, will widely present the logistics segment. To date, three times more participants have already registered than last year.

Seven foreign and domestic enterprises involved in the refrigerated transportation of fish and seafood will serve as the basis of the exhibition and include the Belgian carrier GreenSea and the Dutch Sealine along with Russian DalRefTrans, VladRefTrans, Aurora Logistics, Kamchatka Lines, and Seroglazka Terminal.

Sealine has 40 years of experience in shipping and refrigerated transport operations. It provides a full range of services associated with the operation and management of refrigerated fleet and will be participating in the St. Petersburg exhibition for the second time.

The Belgian company GreenSea has been operating in the logistics market since 2012, though it controls one of the largest fleets comprising about 50 ships. It provides a wide range of transport solutions, from shipping small shiploads to fully loaded vessels.

VladRefTrans, a Far Eastern company, transports heavily guarded cargoes in refrigerated and thermos containers by sea and rail across Russia, covering such island regions as Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Magadan, and Anadyr. The company has its own specialized train, owns a large fleet of refrigerated and thermos containers, and actively employs the rolling stock and containers of other owners during shipping.

DalRefTrans is the only player on the refrigerated transport market employing only its own assets. The company is a member of the FESCO transport group and is responsible for transporting perishable goods.

Aurora Logistics, a Russian forwarding company also participating in the St. Petersburg exhibition for the second time, provides multimodal services, transporting perishable goods in refrigerated containers. Last year, the company demonstrated an innovative development: an energy container equipped with diesel power generators designed to enable electric power supply to refrigerators. The equipment enables continuous operation for distances exceeding 10,000 km while the management of aggregate and control efficiency is carried out by mobile application.

The logistical exposition continues to fill up. To date, the reserved area already exceeds that of last year’s opening day by 10%. It is expected that the final increase in space occupied will exceed last year’s by at least 40%.

Visitor registration for Seafood Expo Russia 2019 is now underway.

For reference:

More than 250 companies from 25 countries will take part in this key industry event. Exhibitors will present:

· all kinds of fish and seafood;

· fish farming equipment, technology, and feed;

· fish processing equipment;

· fishing gear;

· vessel equipment and navigation systems;

· shipbuilding and repair;

· packaging solutions;

· shipping and storage;

· financial and insurance services.

In 2018, more than 7,000 people from 30 regions of Russia and 50 countries visited the expo. Most of the guests are experts on fisheries and related industries, shipowners, traders, and representatives of retail companies and the restaurant business. More than 70% of visitors attended the expo to learn about fish and seafood, fishing equipment, and processing technologies. The rest were interested in shipbuilding and ship repair, cargo transportation, product storage and packaging technologies as well as the production and supply of feed and equipment for aquaculture.

The business programme for the 3rd Global Fishery Forum is devoted to the development of fisheries in the oceans, economic and environmental risks as well as social problems in the fishing industry. The main theme of the forum is ‘Ocean of Opportunities: Nature, Economy, and People’.

The Federal Agency for Fishery is the organizer of the event, the Roscongress Foundation is the operator of the Forum, and EXPOSOLUTIONS GROUP is the operator of the Expo.