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The cultural programme for the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ 5th International Arctic Forum has been published

20 March 2019
Опубликована культурная программа V Международного арктического форума «Арктика – территория диалога»

A series of cultural events for guests and participants will be held as part of the International Arctic Forum. Forum guests will be able to attend the ’Living Arctic Legend’ traveling exhibition dedicated to the Icebreaker Krasin, meet the artists behind the winning films of the 2nd ARCTIC OPEN Arctic Countries International Film Festival, and learn the histories of the people linked to the development of the Russian Arctic and the Northern Sea Route. St. Petersburg’s major theatres, museums, and exhibitions will also present their own cultural programmes.

In addition to learning about the history of the Icebreaker Krasin by visiting a dedicated exhibition, during the International Arctic Forum the participants will be able to attend Icebreaker Krasin Museum itself for free by presenting a badge. The Icebreaker Krasin is a cultural and historic monument, significant not just to St. Petersburg, but to all of Russia. The ship became a symbol of Russia’s achievements in the exploration of the Arctic Ocean. The legendary icebreaker Krasin was the flagship of the Soviet expeditionary fleet, helped save Umberto Nobile and the crew of his downed airship, took part in the 9th Kara expedition, was the first to reach Cape Zhelaniya, was the first to guide warships along the Northern Sea Route, and heroically took part in the battle against the German fleet in World War II.

A multimedia exhibition highlighting the history of the talented hydrographer, polar explorer, and seafarer Nikolai Evgenov will be held as part of the Unknown Arctic Heroes International Arctic Project. Evgenov served as the assistant to the head of the hydrographic expeditions on the Vaygach (1913) and Taimyr (1914–1915) icebreaker steamers, participating in the discovery of Severnaya Zemlya (which occurred during Evgenov’s watch) and other Arctic islands, and traversed the Northern Sea Route from Vladivostok to Arkhangelsk. The project was supported by the Russian Geographical Society, Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum, Arkhangelsk Regional Museum, Association of Polar Explorers, and Russian oceanologist and politician Vladimir Chukov. The project received financial support from the Presidential Grants Foundation. The exhibition will be presented at several cultural platforms: the State Budget Professional Educational Institution ‘Vorobyovy Gory,’ the Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum (SPb), and the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum. A film about Nikolai Evgenov will be submitted to film festivals.

The Forum cultural programme will also include film screenings and meetings with the artists behind two winning films from the 2nd ARCTIC OPEN Arctic Countries International Film Festival: the art film The Lord Eagle (Yakutia, Russia) featuring a meeting with the film’s director Eduard Novikov and the documentary The Great North Route featuring a meeting with the film’s author Leonid Kruglov.

St. Petersburg’s major theatres, museums, and exhibitions will also be holding their own programmes during the International Arctic Forum. Among them are the Mariinsky Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum, D. D. Shostakovich St. Petersburg Philharmonia, State Museum of Urban Sculpture, Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Peter and Paul Fortress, and more.

Cultural Programme: