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3rd Global Fishery Forum releases draft business programme

18 January 2019
Опубликован проект деловой программы III Международного рыбопромышленного форума

The Organizing Committee of the 3rd Global Fishery Forum has released the draft business programme of the event. This year, the Forum will focus on the organization and development of fisheries in the World Ocean, economic and environmental risks as well as solving social problems in the fishing industry.

The Forum along with the Seafood Expo will take place on 10–11 July 2019 in St. Petersburg at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The plenary session and the main theme of the international event is: ‘Ocean of Opportunities: Nature, Economy, and People’. The value of the ocean’s key assets is estimated at a minimum of USD 24 trillion. But its value is decreasing due to overfishing, climate change, and pollution, including the impact of human activities on land. The ocean’s productivity is likely to further deteriorate, thus making it impossible for humans to use fish and seafood as a source of protein in sufficient quantities in the next 20–30 years. Global fisheries have a major impact on the social development of territories as well.

With this in mind, the meeting participants will discuss key risks to the development of fisheries in the World Ocean and try to answer the question of how to find a balance between the ecological state of the ocean, efficient fishing, and the social needs of people living in coastal areas as well as consumers of fish products around the world.

In addition, the first day of the Forum will feature sessions that focus on the following topical issues: ‘Digitalization as a Tool for the Transformation of the Fisheries Industry’ and ‘The Arctic and Antarctica: Resource Potential, Ban, or Fishing, Elements of Cooperation’.

The second day will feature the conference ‘The Russian Fish Industry. New Tools for Economic Regulation: Preliminary Results’ and two roundtables: ‘Fisheries: The Social Dimension as a Factor for the Development of Territories’ and ‘Fish Market Economics: Fishing, Processing, Logistics, and Retail’.

The Russian Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography and Russian Association of Fishing Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, and Exporters are actively involved in the preparation of the Forum’s business programme. The Russian Federal Agency for Fishery is the organizer of the Forum and Expo, while the Roscongress Foundation is the operator of the Forum.