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Youth Energy and Fuel Industry Leaders Present Key Initiatives to Promote Power Industry in Russia at REW

6 October 2018
Молодые лидеры ТЭК представили на РЭН ключевые инициативы, направленные на популяризацию энергетики в России

Russian Energy Week Youth Day ended on a positive note with the concluding ‘Energy of Youth Initiatives 2018’ session, which presented key youth initiatives aimed at promoting energy-saving lifestyles and energy-efficient technologies, developing education in the engineering field, and energizing the youth community in the energy sector. The session was led by Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Anton Inyutsyn and Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Roman Kamaev.

To open the event, Anton Inyutsyn noted that the number of participants in REW’s Youth Day was increasing from year to year. «We have launched large-scale projects that encompass the entire country and involve students and young specialists: #TogetherBrighter, Fuel and Energy Company Open Houses, Youth Scientific and Technical Councils, Youth Forecasting of Technological Development in the Energy and Fuel Industry, and the International Case-In Engineering Championship. I hope that next year we will be equally successful in implementing the initiatives proposed now,» the Deputy Minister of Energy said.

In his speech, Roman Kamaev stressed that Youth Day served as an important way of effectively sparking students’ and young professionals’ interest in scientific and creative work in the power industry and wished luck to the creators of the new initiatives.

During the session, youth leaders from various sectors and fields of the power industry, including students, teachers, and representatives of companies and organizations able to achieve significant success and launch various youth and innovative projects at the federal level all presented their projects. Maria Sadokhina, a student from Tomsk Polytechnic University, launched an initiative to expand the All-Russian #TogetherBrighter Festival by holding the festival abroad and including participants from CIS and BRICS member countries. National University of Science and Technology MISIS student Elizaveta Bakina proposed launching an All-Russian Community of Young Engineers with the use of the Youth of Russia automated information system. Ilya Kozlov, a young specialist from Rosseti, had the idea to further implement the Fuel and Energy Industry Company Open House project concurrently with enterprises from other industries and promote them in social networks. He made a number of other proposals related to the popularization of careers in engineering.

Sofia Shubina from Kazan State Energy University launched an initiative to have youth participate in the Youth Scientific and Technical Council project as interns and to rebrand it by renaming it the Youth All-Russian Production Meeting. The Chairman of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency, Alexander Kormishin, presented the youth forecast for global energy development, compiled with the participation of young professionals and scientists from member countries. The initiative of a young teacher from St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Anastasia Melnikova, contained proposals for increasing the role played by the championships in solving Case-In engineering problems in the education process.

All of the initiatives submitted met with support from the experts and are expected to form the basis of the youth agenda for the fuel and energy industry in 2019.