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At closing day of REW 2018, young experts present projects on Forecasting Technological Development in Russia’s Energy and Fuel Industry to 2030

6 October 2018
В итоговый день РЭН-2018 молодые специалисты презентовали «Прогноз технологического развития ТЭК России до 2030 года»

The presentation focused on the leading foreign and domestic practices and trends in supporting the energy sector.

The discussion of challenges faced by the power industry was attended by Anton Inyutsyn, Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation; the winners of the Global Energy Prize Sergei Alekseyenko, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Martin Green, professor at the University of New South Wales; as well as teams who presented the draft Forecast for the Technological Development in Russia’s Energy and Fuel Industry to 2030 in the Context of Global Trends.

In his opening remarks, Anton Inyutsyn stressed the importance of attracting youth to solving problems related to the development of the energy sector and advanced technology. He also expressed confidence that such youth initiatives should be supported.

«We are planning to create mechanisms allowing participants to lead a constant dialogue with the ministry and the largest energy companies, which in turn shall confirm the importance of these efforts and recognise the results achieved. They will help regularly exchange experience with experts and scholars from other countries at the highest level, including such developing and promising platforms as BRICS and SCO. These mechanisms will also allow participants to have a priority in receiving government support for academic initiatives and publication of scientific works in the relevant industry journals,» the Deputy Energy Minister stressed.

The presentation, which was appreciated by experts, was presented at the roundtable by the following teams: «Energy Guardians» of PAO RusHydro, «WeWatt» of the Saint-Petersburg Mining University, «Hydra» of PAO RusHudro, «Energy of Baikal» of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University, «Operator of the Future» of the PAO System Operator of the United Power System, «Sparkle» (Iskra) of the Kazan Energy University, «Energy of Arctic» of PAO Gazpromneft, and «Potential» of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

During the six months of preparing the Forecast, the teams were identifying and analyzing current trends in the Russian energy sector development, while also drafting recommendations on how to shape the national energy policy and develop its institutions. The results of the teamwork were assessed by experts from a number of the leading scientific and educational institutions.

The members of the teams presented their solutions at energy forums and conferences, held thematic lectures at higher educational establishments, and published their findings in the major energy sector journals and social media.

The experts invited to the Youth Day as part of REW 2018 have offered valuable recommendations on how to improve the draft forecast making it more comprehensible for a broader audience. At the same time, they have praised the high quality of the work and a talented approach taken by youth energy specialists to solve urgent issues faced by the industry.

«Fresh original ideas are emerging in young minds,» Sergei Alekseyenko concluded.

An award ceremony for the teams was held at the end of the event.