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National Competence Center in the field of halal products and services has been created under Roskachestvo

11 January 2023
В России создан национальный Центр компетенций в области халяльной продукции и услуг

A National Competence Centre in halal products and services is to be created under the auspices of Roskachestvo (the Russian Quality Agency).

The Centre’s objectives will include the establishment of a list of Russian national halal standards to align with international standards and a reduction in producers’ certification costs through the recognition of national certificates in other countries. The Centre’s activities will include standardization, certification, product quality monitoring and the promotion of certified Russian halal products in the domestic market and abroad.

“In order to form an efficient and reliable infrastructure for the halal product market in Russia, at the government level, it was decided to create a National Competence Center for halal products and services on the basis of Roskachestvo. I am sure that the joint work of Roscongress and Roskachestvo in this field will make it possible to organize the promotion of Russian certified halal products at SPIEF 2023, discuss a number of issues in the economic sphere, including the way of its promoting, as well as expand Russia's cooperation with other countries and international organizations of the Islamic world,” said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF 2023 Organizing Committee.

The annual turnover of the global halal industry has already exceeded $2 trillion. This is a dynamically developing sector, the growth rate of which has recently been at least 5% per year. In addition, the factor of the Muslim population increase in the world contributes to the fact that by 2025 a share of halal products will be at least 20% of the total produced products in the world.

“Over the past three years, Russia has succeeded in doubling exports of products that meet halal standards. In 2021, Russia supplied halal products worth a record $180 million to the Persian Gulf states alone. The biggest importers were Saudi Arabia and the UAE. However, Russia is not intending to stop at the countries of the Middle East. The export of Russian halal products to Arab countries should reach $400 million by 2024 and $700 million by 2030. The new National Competence Centre will build domestic and international consumers’ trust in halal products,” said Maxim Protasov, Head of the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo).

Combining the capabilities of Roskachestvo and the Roscongress Foundation will create conditions conducive to boosting the development of halal, enabling industry experts to have an open dialogue about the development of a methodology for halal food production and to raise this methodology to the levels of safety and quality regulation adopted in the main sectors of the food industry.