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Vladimir Putin spoke at a plenary session of the International Cybersecurity Congress

6 July 2018
Владимир Путин выступил на пленарном заседании Международного конгресса по кибербезопасности

Vladimir Putin spoke at a plenary session of the International Cybersecurity Congress organised by Sberbank with the support of Data Economy and the Association of Russian Banks.

The International Cybersecurity Congress is taking place in Moscow on July 5–6. The forum is an intersectoral platform that facilitates the global cybersecurity dialogue against the backdrop of globalisation and digitalisation.

The Congress brings together the heads of major Russian and foreign companies, vendors of cybersecurity software and services, Russian federal officials and world experts.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to welcome here in Moscow not only football fans, but also you, the participants in the International Cybersecurity Congress.

Very important and relevant issues are being discussed during the forum. Today, the active introduction of digital technology outlines the progressive development of each country and maybe the entire world. Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things have become the drivers of economic growth, while digital platforms and electronic document flow radically increase the transparency and efficiency of the activity of government agencies, businesses, social and educational institutions.

Let me say a few words about what we are doing in Russia in these areas.

To be continued.