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The Eastern Economic Forum 2018 Business Programme Has Been Released

27 June 2018
Опубликована архитектура деловой программы  Восточного экономического форума 2018 года

The 4th Eastern Economic Forum will be held in Vladivostok from 11–13 September 2018. The theme of EEF 2018 will be ‘The Russian Far East: Expanding the Range of Possibilities’.

The business programme’s discussions will focus on four key areas.

The section ’Tools to Support Investors: Next Steps’ will focus on the results and potential of such mechanisms for developing areas such as the Advanced Special Economic Zones and the Free Port of Vladivostok. The discussion is expected to touch on the issues of protecting investor’s rights, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech projects, opportunities for creating the first Russian offshore zone in the Russian Far East and the breakthrough of the Far Eastern Federal District in the national ranking of investment attractiveness.

The section ’Industry Priorities in the Far East’ will focus on the issues of supporting industries that will drive the region’s economic growth in the near future. More specifically, individual sessions will consider the timber industry, agriculture, fishing industry, oil and gas industry, tourism and port infrastructure, mining and refining of solid minerals, and improving legislature related to mineral exploration.

The section ’The Global Far East: International Cooperation Projects’ will focus on opportunities for economic cooperation between Russia’s Far East and neighbouring countries, the importance of developing transport corridors in the Russian Far East territory for the Asian Pacific region, and the creation of an International Medical Cluster in Vladivostok.

The section ’Improving Living Conditions’ will touch on the issues of demography, healthcare, education and science, housing, culture, and urban development in the Russian Far East. Participants will also discuss opportunities for improving the region’s labour market and new measures for land development through the ’Far Eastern Hectare’ programme.

As in previous years, the Forum programme includes an opportunity for international business dialogues, which will allow Russian and international entrepreneurs from the Asia-Pacific Region and Europe to discuss the practical side of cooperation.

The Eastern Economic Forum will also include an Education and Youth Day, during which EEF experts and guests will give lectures to Far Eastern Federal University students.

«The Eastern Economic Forum is a platform for discussing key issues concerning the global economy, regional integration, the development of new industries and technologies, as well as global challenges facing Russia and the rest of the world. The Forum programme is concerned with pressing issues. A considerable number of sessions are focused on developing technological potential, which will allow us to modernize the economy and infrastructure, which will, as a result, enable us to improve the standards of living in the Russian Far East,» noted Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov.

More detailed information about the Forum programme can be found at