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Science Lounge: Use a Quantum Phone, Try on Self-Lacing Sneakers, and Walk on an Airplane Wing

16 November 2022
«Научная гостиная»: позвонить по квантовому телефону, примерить кроссовки с автошнуровкой и походить по крылу самолета

The Park of Science and Art at the Sirius Federal Territory will host the Young Scientists Congress, one of the key events of the Decade of Science and Technology in Russia, on 13 December 2022. The event will feature the Science Lounge, where visitors will be able to see, touch, and try out some of the most modern technologies and learn how they work.

The Science Lounge is a unique format for promoting science. The entire exhibition is composed of materials and systems that are currently being developed in scientific laboratories and technology companies. The descriptions of many of them sound like something straight out of science fiction books. Take, for example, self-healing table covers that were created by the Composites of Russia Scientific and Educational Centre and are already being used to cover cars and protect smartphones. Or self-lacing sneakers created by Siberian Federal University. Or smart vertical farms that can grow crops all year round in any room. There is a long list of unique technologies that will be presented at the exhibition.

The main thing is that visitors will have an opportunity not just to learn about scientific achievements, but to get up close and personal with them using all their senses. For example, the exhibition floor is made of composite materials created by the Yakovlev Design Bureau for the wing of the newest Russian aircraft MS-21. And the latest air conditioners with a set of graphite in a natural, interactive, and thermally expanded state will be used to ensure a pleasant climate in the Science Lounge.

One of the main exhibits will be a quantum telephone unit on display in the Science Lounge. It was developed by Moscow State University’s Quantum Technology Centre and the company Infotecs and will show how the first telephone in Russia with quantum communications protection functions. The device consists of a fixed IP phone connected to a quantum key distribution client and server. The quantum encryption protocol ensures that voice traffic between the people using the phone is encrypted so that it is impossible to access it.

The Science Lounge was built with the support of the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in Science and Education of the Council for Science and Education under the Russian President and the NAUKA 0+ project.

In 2022, the Young Scientists Congress is being organized by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in Science and Education of the Council for Science and Education under the Russian President, and the Roscongress Foundation. The National Priorities autonomous non-profit organization is the operator of the Decade of Science and Technology.

Online registration for media representatives to attend the Congress is open until 18 November 2022. The event accreditation rules are available in the Media section on the official website of the Young Scientists Congress: конгресс.наука.рф

Please send any questions regarding media accreditation to: [email protected]