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Awards Presented to Winners of the Energy of Words Contest at REW 2022

12 October 2022
Награждение победителей конкурса «Энергия пера» прошло на РЭН-2022

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov presented awards to the winners of the Energy of Words international media contest.

“The global energy industry is going through a time of transformation, including due to the influence of geopolitics. During this period, the ability to think freely and analytically is not only one of the fundamental factors in the development of the art of journalism, but the energy industry as well. The independent view of experts is now taking on enormous importance. This is why an ever broader circle of our citizens is taking an interest in industry news. In this regard, the media’s role is of particular importance since it continuously informs a wide range of readers and viewers about the most important events and trends in the industry,” Novak during his address to the contest winners.

“It’s good that this award continues to work. Journalists, analysts, media specialists, and PR people who are involved in energy in one way or another are happy people. They’re happy because they constantly have to improve their professionalism, and happy because they’re never bored and never have to complain about a lack of work. Energy is what keeps us going. Energy is what becomes an object of hope for entire nations. Energy is what puts entire nations into a state of despair when they don’t have it. Energy is what becomes the subject of criminal intentions of terrorists, as we saw in the case of Nord Stream. Finally, energy is what connects the future of all mankind, including our country. I congratulate everyone who took part in the competition, and with all my heart I hope that you don’t lose steam!” Peskov noted in his opening remarks.

A total of 143 applications were submitted for the Energy of Words contest to be evaluated by independent experts. The best ones were put on a shortlist and a panel of judges determined the winners. The panel included: All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) General Director Oleg Dobrodeyev, TASS General Director Sergey Mikhailov, Kommersant Publishing House General Director Vladimir Zhelonkin, and Rossiya Segodnya News Agency Executive Director Oleg Ananyev.

Gazprom, Rosseti, and Surgutneftegas, which are member companies of the Global Energy Association, did not participate in the competition in order to objectively present prizes to press services.

The awards ceremony took place on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week 2022 International Forum with the participation of Sergey Brilev, President of the Global Energy Association, which organized the contest, and Sergey Gustov, CEO of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz.

Gustov presented awards to the winners of the special nomination ‘For Active Participation in Covering Social Gasification Issues, Engagement, and Consummate Professionalism’.

“Today, the Energy of Words prize brought together the most caring, enthusiastic, and top-class representatives of industry-specific, socio-political, and business media. Creating news requires a lot of work and is a huge responsibility. I thank the journalists for the projects, from which tens of thousands of Russians learned about the regasification programme and participated in it,” Gustov said.

The contest winners included:

Grand Prix ‘Media Face of the Fuel and Energy Industry’

Alexandra Suvorova, Host of the Russia 24 TV channel

Nomination ‘Best Story about Energy on Television’:

1. Vladimir Arkhireysky, Financial Commentator for RBC Investments

2. Ostap Grigoryants, Programme Host and Correspondent of GTRK Kuzbass-Television

3. Andrey Sukhanov, NTV Correspondent

Nomination ‘Best Telegram Channel and Energy Blog’:

1. Alexander Frolov, Author of the ‘Oil and Gas Game with Alexander Frolov’ Telegram channel

2. Marat Bashirov, Editor of the Politjoystick Telegram channel

3. Vladimir Bobylev, Editor-in-Chief of Oil and Capital magazine and the Telegram channel with the same name

Nomination ‘Best Press Service in the Energy Industry’:

1. Vitaly Matushkin, Director of the Lukoil Press Service

2. Margarita Nagoga, Director of the RusHydro Corporate Communications Department

3. Yulia Revatskaya, Director of the Transneft-Vostok Public Communications Service

Nomination ‘Best Article about Energy in the Regional Press’:

1. Artem Kovalenko, Editor-in-Chief of Expert-Ural magazine

2. Eleonora Rylova, Correspondent for the Realnoye Vremya online newspaper (Republic of Tatarstan)

3. Oksana Shuman, Journalist of AIF-Yugra (Khanty-Mansiysk) 

Nomination ‘Best Material about Energy from a News Agency’:

1. Yelena Karygina, Director of the TASS Fuel and Energy Industry Department; Alexey Bolshov, TASS Senior Correspondent; and Mikhail Sharov, TASS Senior Correspondent

2. Tatyana Kiseleva, Director of the Fuel and Energy Industry and Chemistry Department of RIA Novosti – Rossiya Segodnya 

3. Svetlana Savateyeva, Interfax Correspondent

Nomination ‘Best Article about Energy in the Federal Press’:

1. Alexander Volobuyev, Editor of the Industry Section of Vedomosti newspaper

2. Irina Kezik, Izvestia Journalist, Tekface Project Manager, and Expert at the Intersectoral Information and Analytical Centre of the Russian Union of Oil and Gas Producers

3. Anna Gorshkova, Editor-in-Chief of Energy Policy magazine

Nomination ‘Best Material about Energy from BRICS and SCO Countries’:

1. Ksenia Komissarova, Editor-in-Chief of the TV BRICS multimedia platform

2. Ayder Kurtmulaev, Editor-in-Chief of Industry of Eurasia magazine

3. Alena Subbota and Yekaterina Velts, Correspondents of the TV BRICS multimedia platform

Special nomination from Gazprom Mezhregiongaz:

Category ‘Best TV Project’:

1. Maria Novikova, Correspondent of the Public Television of Russia television channel

2. Alexander Denisov, Host of the live OTRazheniye (Reflection) programme of the Public Television of Russia television channel

Category ‘Best Project in Print and Electronic Media’:

1.A team of authors from Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper for their series of publications ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Gasification’ and the ‘Gasification Hotline’ for residents of all regions of Russia

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