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First Meeting of Organising Committee to Prepare for Meeting of SCO and BRICS Heads of State in Chelyabinsk in 2020

22 June 2018
Состоялось первое заседание Оргкомитета по подготовке встречи лидеров ШОС и БРИКС в Челябинске в 2020 году

The first meeting of the Organising Committee to prepare and support the Russian Federation’s presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2019–2020 and of BRICS in 2020 was held on 21 June.

The meeting was chaired by Yury Ushakov, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, and involved speeches by the following attendees: Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Organising Committee, Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Bakhtiyor Khakimov, Russian President’s Envoy for SCO’s Affairs, Sergey Storchak, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Boris Dubrovsky, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region, Alexander Stuglev, CEO of the Roscongress Foundation, and others.

The meeting’s agenda included crosscutting matters related to preparation of the major events under Russia’s presidency — the SCO Council of Heads of State meeting and the BRICS Summit in Chelyabinsk in 2020.

In his speech, Anton Kobyakov noted that successful and efficient organisation of these events remained our focus. Consistent work to prepare Chelyabinsk has been carried out for two years. At the same time, over the next two years, the comprehensive efforts to fully support Russia’s presidency should become more active.

«As of today, several trips of airborne survey groups to Chelyabinsk took place, which helped set priorities to prepare the region for hosting summits. Furthermore, we still have to do significant work in terms of leaders’ meetings content and getting Chelyabinsk infrastructure ready. One of the key criteria here is the relevance of new infrastructure facilities and the practical benefits they could bring locals in the future,» emphasized Anton Kobyakov.

The Taganay-2020 Congress Hall, which is already under construction, is suggested to be approved as the central venue for the SCO and BRICS summits.

The international and domestic terminals of Chelyabinsk Airport are planned to be largely reshaped, which includes expansion of the international sector and the existing border checkpoint.

The completion of all work is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019, according to approved timetables for the preparation of the facilities, said Anton Kobyakov.

«One of the most pressing topics is ensuring accommodation of participants, which includes building hotels and attracting world-class hotel operators to Chelyabinsk, as well as training qualified service personnel,» noted Anton Kobyakov.

He particularly emphasized the need for urban development in Chelyabinsk by primarily improving the environmental situation in the region.

«We follow the logic of inheritance, which means the effective future use of the infrastructure that is being created now. In the Presidential May Decrees, Chelyabinsk region is mentioned as a region that requires improvements in terms of environmental situation. And we intend to achieve serious progress in this area,» promised the Governor.

Bakhtiyor Khakimov, Russian President’s Envoy for SCO’s Affairs, stressed in his speech: «It is important to maintain the level of hospitality that Russia demonstrated by hosting the BRICS and SCO summits in Ufa in 2015. <...> I am confident that the forthcoming events in Chelyabinsk will contribute to strengthening international cooperation, stabilising the international situation and developing economic ties among the SCO member states,» said Bakhtiyor Khakimov.