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International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 main programme topics determined

15 June 2018
Определены основные темы программы  Международного дальневосточного морского салона – 2018

The architecture of the business programme of the International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018, to be held on 26–28 July 2018 in Vladivostok, is posted on the event’s official website. The programme of Russia’s biggest shipbuilding industry event, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, is made up of three main topics: ‘Shipbuilding’, ‘Infrastructure and Logistics’ and ‘Regulations and Development’. In total, the business part of the Show will consist of over 20 subject sessions, roundtables and panel discussions. The main business programme event will be the plenary session. There will be a separate focus on a youth session, which will also take place at the Show venue on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

«The revival of high-tech production in the Far East, including in ship-building, is a task not only for regional development, but for making Russia as a whole more competitive. The International Far Eastern Maritime Show to be held in July in Vladivostok will be a unique expert platform for discussing practical application of the latest technologies in ship-building and will determine future steps in introducing digitalisation (from production to navigation). A major line of discussion will consist in aspects of equipment production localisation and expansion of co-operative ties. The Maritime Show in Vladivostok is called on to provide a platform for constructive dialogue, targeted on implementation in practice, between professionals from all over the world connected with water transport», noted Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President.

The business programme of the Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 will cover pressing issues of developing the shipbuilding industry and its prospects:
  • — Water transport in the age of digitalisation and innovative development
  • — Shipbuilding. New opportunities in the development of co-operation and expanding of localisation
  • — Russia’s place in the international transport and logistics system
  • — The port today: from infrastructure to management
  • — Questions of water tourism, ecology and clean navigation
  • — New legislation for the new technological age in the sphere of water transport

Apart from the business element, visitors to and participants in the Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 will be able to enjoy a diverse exhibition programme, including projects and designs demonstrated by such companies as The Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, Rosnefteflot, Vostochnaya Verf, Admiralty Shipyard, Baltic Shipyard, ERA, OSK, Rubin Design Bureau, Almaz Shipbuilding Company, Malakhit Marine Engineering Bureau, Varyag-Tekhservis, VNIIR Progress, Dalpribor, LGM, Varyag, Arsenal Design Bureau, Gazprombank Vladivostok, Armalit, Progress Research and Development Centre and others. In total, the event will bring together participants from Russia and from other countries as Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden.

The Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 will take place from 26 through 28 July 2018 on the eve of Russia Navy Day and the Main Naval Parade. The key events will be held on the campus of the FEFU on Russky Island. For more detail, see the official even website at:

The event organizer is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The event operator is the Roscongress Foundation.