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Energy as a Foundation Pillar of the Greater Eurasian Partnership: One of the Most Important Sessions at REW 2022

5 October 2022
«Энергетика как опора для формирования Большого Евразийского партнерства» - одна из важнейших сессий Российской энергетической недели 2022

The session ‘Energy as a Foundation Pillar of the Greater Eurasian Partnership’ is part of the ‘Global Markets: Cooperation for Development’ section of the business programme of the fifth Russian Energy Week International Forum (12–14 October, Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow). 

Against the backdrop of sweeping changes in the global political and economic order, the reorientation of transport and logistics chains, and the energy crisis caused by the sanctions policy of western countries and affecting many states, the idea of the Greater Eurasian Partnership has now taken on particular relevance. Today, the countries of Greater Eurasia have become the centre of global economic activity, as evidenced by successfully developing integration associations such as the EAEU and ASEAN, subregional organizations such as the SCO, as well as large-scale initiatives such as One Belt, One Road. Energy stands a good chance of becoming one of the pillars of the emerging Greater Eurasian Partnership. The issue of a reliable supply of energy resources in the context of the post-crisis recovery of economies and for future growth rates is becoming a key issue in the foreign economic strategies of Eurasian states. How can mutually beneficial and long-term relations be established? How can we build energy corridors and engage in scientific and technological exchanges for wider adoption of low- and no-carbon energy sources? What are the main challenges facing Eurasian countries? What will be an important element in the ‘foundation’ of a key global centre of power – the Greater Eurasian Partnership? These and many other questions will be answered by the experts participating in the session. 

“A common space of equal partnership is something the world needs in the times of a global crisis. We are happy to see support from our partners from the SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, and other organizations. We value it and will keep getting united for the sake of stability and development,” noted Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the REW 2022 Organizing Committee. 

The Forum is organized by the Roscongress Foundation, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation with support from the Government of Moscow. 

Participant and media registration is available on the official Forum website