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Novgorod Region joins Made in Russia brand

26 May 2018
Новгородская область стала частью национального бренда «Сделано в России»

A cooperation agreement to promote the regional brand Novgorod Rus and the Made in Russia national brand was signed on 24 May at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Putting pen to paper were Andrey Nikitin, Governor of Novgorod Region, and Mikhail Sadchenkov, General Director of the Made in Russia brand. 

Nikitin commented that Veliky Novgorod embodies the history of Russia itself, as well as the stories and values that are ingrained in every single Russian. “Without doubt, this brand must become part of the Made in Russia brand, and we are deeply grateful to our colleagues for joining the pilot programme,” he said, speaking at the panel session Made in Russia: National and Regional Branding as Tools for Economic Development and Promoting Russia around the World. The session included a presentation of a film on the region’s brand.

Nikitin explained that when creating the brand, the image of a book was incorporated as a symbol of culture, as well as traditional Russian decorative script to symbolize education and art, and heraldic symbols. “We have strived to unite all of these in our Novgorod Rus export brand. Our companies have become actively involved in this pilot stage, and currently over 30 companies are part of the Made in Russia brand. This story will only continue to develop further.” 

Sadchenkov cited the support of regional brands as a critical task, given that they play a crucial role in forming Russia’s image. Developing local brands has the effect of raising the quality of life, and also helps draw increased interest from outside, not only from tourists, but also from the media and the expert community.

“The development of a region is directly tied together with human potential and the traditional cottage industry. These are what form the foundation of a strong regional brand. People living in a region will only start to see and think about it in a new light when there are effective tools in place for communication between residents, government and business. One of the tasks of the national brand is to provide the regions with expertise for their brands with regards registration, protection, and capitalization. In turn, this will facilitate the preservation of cultural identities and help increase competition locally,” said Sadchenkov. 

In addition, he noted that the Made in Russia national brand has the objective of building a system incorporating all factors shaping demand for Russian goods and services.