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Rostec to Present Amber Tiger at Tiger Forum

3 September 2022
Ростех представит на площадке Тигриного форума скульптуру амурского тигра из янтаря

Specialists at Rostec State Corporation’s Kaliningrad Amber Factory have made a unique sculpture of the Amur tiger, using the amber mosaic technique. The unique art object became part of the special exhibition organized as part of the Eastern Economic Forum 2022 on Russky Island. 

The sculpture was made by masters of the Kaliningrad Amber Factory at the request of the Amur Tiger Centre. A total of 94 kg of amber was used to make the life-size sculpture. Sculptors, artists, 3D-designers, jewellers, specialists in amber mosaic production and application took part in creating this sculpture. 

The filigree work of grinding the mineral plates was complemented by a colouristic task. The main goal for the artists was to find colour nuances. To reproduce the realistic colouring of this majestic red-listed animal was possible due to the richness of the amber colour palette and the autoclaving process. In order to obtain the desired shade, the plates were specially bleached in an autoclave. It took the masters of the factory two months to create the mosaic sculpture. 


“In Asian cultures, amber is often said to be a stone with the soul of a tiger and the energy of antiquity, so the choice of material for the sculpture is obvious. This is a real work of art, which will draw attention to itself, as well as to the problems of preserving the population of rare animal species,” comments Sergey Aramilev, Director General of the Amur Tiger Centre. 

After the Forum is over, Ussuriysk Nature Museum will become home to the amur tiger sculpture. 

For more information, go to the official Forum website