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Circle of Kindness Info Line Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

17 August 2022
Исполнился 1 год работы линии «Круг добра»

A full year has passed since the launch of the Circle of Kindness information line, which was established by the Roscongress Foundation and its business partner, the Interregional Contact Centre (ICC). ICC operators have received more than 2,300 calls over this period. Each month, it receives 200–300 calls from all regions of the country. The operators inform callers about the diseases and medicines that the Circle of Kindness Foundation works with and also answer any questions they might have about medical aid for children.

Since it launched, the Circle of Kindness Foundation has provided more than 3,600 children with drugs and medical care. More than RUB 88 million have been allocated for medical care and the purchase of drugs.

«As a socially oriented non-financial development institution, the Roscongress Foundation continues to actively develop a network of information call centres and develop social projects. One of our key objectives is to provide information support to families and children with severe and rare diseases and to provide timely assistance to all those who need it. We are successfully handling this task thanks to the well-coordinated work of the information line specialists and modern technologies,» said Maria Kiselyova, Deputy CEO and Director of the Roscongress Foundation’s Participants Relations Directorate.

The We Are Together project’s hotline, which was set up by the Roscongress Foundation, as well as a call centre for questions about tourist cashback, remain active. Call centres that were previously created to provide psychological and spiritual assistance have been a success, and a call centre for questions about children’s cashback was launched together with the All-Russia People’s Front.

The national hotline of the We Are Together project to support and coordinate assistance for elderly people over 60 who are at risk due to the spread of COVID-19 was launched within three days during the peak of the pandemic.

«Members of the contact centre industry and our partners have repeatedly noted the work of the Roscongress Foundation’s specialists. This focus started actively being developed during the pandemic, and we became one of the pioneers of multi-channel thematic information hotlines. I am certain that by developing a line of socially oriented call centres, we are doing an important, good, and necessary deed for millions of citizens,» Roscongress Foundation Chairman of the Board and CEO Alexander Stuglev said.

In 2020, the Roscongress Foundation’s call centre was presented with the High Jury Approval Award in two Crystal Headset categories: ‘Most Efficient Peak Load Management’ and ‘Best Anti-Crisis Use of Technology and Partnership’.

The Foundation plans to further develop its social initiatives and increase the number of hotlines. New hotline projects for social and charitable foundations will be presented at the #WEARETOGETHER International Civic Participation Forum, which will take place on 3–5 December 2022 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow.