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Vladimir Putin Greets SPIEF Participants

6 June 2022
Владимир Путин направил приветствие участникам Петербургского международного экономического форума

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin greeted the participants, organizers, and guests of the 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum. The anniversary event is held under a motto ‘New Opportunities in a New World’.

The President made the following statement: «Over the years, the Forum has become a highly respected and representative international event. Its participants, which include Russian and foreign politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs, focus on a variety of topics concerning the domestic and world economy: from specific areas of industrial cooperation to information security and environmental protection. Mutually beneficial long-term contracts are signed and business experience is exchanged in the course of direct and constructive communication.

The Forum’s anniversary is taking place at a difficult time for the entire international community. The mistakes of Western countries in economic policy over many years and illegitimate sanctions have led to a wave of global inflation, the disruption of usual supply chains, and a sharp increase in poverty and food shortages. Yet, as can be the case, along with these challenges, new prospects are emerging. This is why the Forum’s slogan — New Opportunities in a New World — seems so relevant.»

The President expressed his certainty that the Forum will continue to make a significant contribution to solving numerous high-priority challenges facing humanity, while mutual trust, meaningfulness and commitment to fruitful dialogue and partnership will invariably remain its distinguishing features.


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