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EAEU: New Integration Quality

3 June 2022
«ЕАЭС – новое качество интеграции»

The business programme of the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum includes a session entitled ‘EEU: New Integration Quality’ where the experts will discuss the role and prospects of Eurasian integration.

The Eurasian Economic Union successfully passes various global tests, including those of a non-economic nature, ensuring sustainable economic development for EAEU member states.

Adoption of Strategy-2025 by the heads of the member states was a timely and far-sighted step. Today, when the world economy is as turbulent as ever, the implementation of the strategy is a stabilizing foundation for growth, as well as impetus for a potential integration breakthrough. A policy aimed at the development of innovations is being implemented, new joint industries and markets of the EAEU are being opened, the main sectors of the economy and management processes are being digitally transformed, infrastructure is being developed.

«The task of the Eurasian Economic Union is to create conditions for a comprehensive technological transformation of the member states’ economies and to ensure ’Eurasian self-sufficiency’. We plan to focus our efforts on the issues of import substitution and industrial cooperation, and we will also build mutually beneficial cooperation with stable international partners,» emphasized Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The meeting will discuss ways to create trans-Eurasian corporations, the role of Eurasian integration in achieving social progress, as well as the image of the EAEU in the new system of global economic relations.

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