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Financial Wellness Culture Code: How Media Forms Behavioural Patterns

27 May 2022
Культурный код финансового ЗОЖ: как медиа формируют новые поведенческие установки?

A roundtable discussion entitled "Financial Wellness Culture Code: How Media Forms Behavioural Patterns" will be held as part of the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 16 June.

It is planned to discuss the process of financial culture formation in the general cultural context, and the mechanics of creating relevant media products and popular formats for all generations. The roundtable participants will try to answer the questions of how educational ideas can be turned into relevant and engaging content, and what role the media environment plays in forming behavioural patterns relevant to contemporary realities.

There are many examples in the world's film and media industries where life's financial situations (how to get rich, pay off debts, or invest in the stock market) have become part of the scripts of popular films or reality TV shows. A striking example is the most popular and longest-running television series on the African continent, Scandal! Its plot is built around the drama of managing personal assets. There have also been interesting media products with a financial-educational component in Russia in recent years.

"The effectiveness of introducing the right behavioural patterns, which underpin the resilience and adaptability of society to any changes, depends directly on the formation of a "culture code" of financial literacy. Understanding this, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has initiated a discussion at the Forum venue which will help establish interaction with content creators, find new creative approaches to creating educational and awareness-raising products, and work out effective formats for its distribution among various target audiences," said Anna Kharnas, Session Moderator and Head of the Financial Literacy Center of the Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will take place on 1518 June 2022 at the ExpoForum.


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