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Promising initiatives of the forum "Strong Ideas for a New Time" will be discussed at SPIEF-2022

5 May 2022
Перспективные инициативы форума «Сильные идеи для нового времени» обсудят на ПМЭФ-2022

The most promising initiatives for national development submitted to the “Powerful Ideas for a New Era” crowd-sourcing platform will be presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 1518 June.

“We expect the combination of public initiatives and the administrative resources of development institutions and the state to be a powerful driver for development projects, while SPIEF 22 is a space for direct dialog between the expert community, business, and contemporary leaders to find new drivers for rebuilding the Russian economy and supporting business activity in the country as a whole”, Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, said.

The mission of the “Powerful Ideas for a New Era” Forum is to bring those initiatives to life. Participation in the SPIEF is an excellent opportunity to meet leaders from across the country and potential investors in one place and bid for their support. In 2021, the creators of the top-100 ideas presented their projects to representatives of VEB.RF, Roskachestvo, the Presidential Grants Fund, Yandex, and other state and private companies. They got their support, including for regional projects.

One of the most active leaders at SPIEF 2021 was Darya Trubitsyna, Director for the Development and Co-owner of Gorny-TSOT LLC with the “Create a Dust Explosive Safety Centre” project. The initiative called for the construction of a test shaft in Kemerovo fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for performing physical chemistry research. The project was approved by Russian Academy of Sciences, and the relevant federal institutions and organizations are currently working on the conceptualization of the project and construction of the test centre. The documentation package will soon be submitted to the Russian government.

Before the SPIEF 2022, the broader expert community, headed by the Chairman of VEB.RF, Head of the ASI Expert board, Igor Shuvalov, will assess and select the top-1000 ideas, and then the top-200. The work is already in progress. The crowd-sourcing platform has already received more than 13,000 ideas from 54,000 people all over Russia. The closing date for submissions is 20 May.

Ideas are accepted in seven areas: training, technology, the environment, social sector, regional development and entrepreneurship, as well as “Open Discussion” (for proposals that do not fit under any of the other themes).