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Vladivostok hosts meeting on preparations for 2nd International Tiger Forum

27 April 2022
Во Владивостоке прошло выездное совещание по подготовке и проведению II Международного форума по сохранению тигра

A visiting meeting recently took place in Vladivostok as part of preparations for the 2nd International Tiger Forum. The meeting was led by Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Forum organizing committee Konstantin Chuychenko.

In his opening remarks, Chuychenko gave his assessment on the progress of a number of construction projects which are set to be completed as part of the Tiger Forum. These include a museum of nature in Ussuriysk, a hunting oversight facility in Khabarovsk, and a memorial to the Russian researcher and explorer of the Far East Vladimir Arseniev in Vladivostok.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Roscongress Foundation Igor Pavlov noted that preparations for the Forum are progressing on an upward trajectory: “With each day, we are moving to a more active phase of work, given that there are four months to go before the Forum.” An invitation campaign has been launched, and work is being coordinated with partners. Pavlov also noted that there are plans for the Far East Street exhibition – a traditional part of the Eastern Economic Forum – to feature a separate pavilion entitled Tiger House, which will be dedicated to the Tiger Forum.

According to Head of the City of Vladivostok Konstantin Shestakov, “Proposals have now been compiled for the cultural and sporting programmes. However, work continues to be done, and events continue to be added, so the programme will grow.” The mayor also highlighted the work under way with volunteers, noting that interest in volunteering at the Eastern Economic Forum and Tiger Forum is at a much higher level than in previous years.

Boris Korobets, Acting Rector of the Far Eastern Federal University (which is serving as the Forum venue) spoke on the readiness of the campus to host the event. He also remarked on planned upgrades to equipment at the accommodation complex.

Also speaking at the event was Sergey Aramilev, General Director of the Amur Tiger Centre, who noted that in addition to the aforementioned construction projects (the hunting oversight facility in Khabarovsk Territory, Museum of Nature, and memorial to Vladimir Arseniev), the Tiger Centre is lending its assistance with regard to subjects covered at the Forum and Tiger House: “Tiger House is a pavilion where the Russian Federation will showcase its successes in its tiger conservation efforts. And there is much to be proud of. A lot of what is being done is a world first, and proven to be more effective than our colleagues’ practices. There are plans for it to be a multimedia pavilion appealing both to experts from other countries, and the general public.

The Forum will take place in Vladivostok on 5 September 2022 – the opening day of the Eastern Economic Forum.