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Russians Tired of Pandemic, but Continue to Follow All Precautions

6 November 2020

Romir Research Holding conducted a public opinion survey on the COVID-19 spread.

The authors of the study note that the majority of Russians (42%) do not worry about the spread of the COVID-19, but continue to follow all necessary precautions, with women stating it more often than men (44% vs. 40%).

22% of respondents don’t worry about the pandemic and think that risk of virus is exaggerated. One third of Russians (35%) have the opposite opinion, of which 5% do not observe the precautionary measures, despite the feeling of anxiety about this situation. Respondents over 60 years of age are the most conscientious about security measures.

22% респондентов не переживают из-за пандемии .png

The majority of respondents (47%) said they did not know anyone who was diagnosed. Four out of ten Russians (40%), on the contrary, reported that they knew the sick personally. 14% of respondents reported about the relatives who have got coronavirus, 4% of them mentioned their own experience of the disease.

More often than others, residents of the cities with a population of 500 thousand to one million people, and residents of the cities with a population of millions more often noted the acquaintances who had suffered from coronavirus.

The main source of information on the coronavirus situation for most Russians is television (42%). This type of media was most frequently mentioned by respondents aged 45 years and older. In addition, Russians use online media (32%), radio (12%) and newspapers (6%) to get information about the virus.

More than a third of Russians (38%) are tired of following the news about the coronavirus and are no longer looking for any information about it. Russians between 18 and 34 years of age were the most frequent to declare it.

For more information, please see the Medicine, special section of the Roscongress information and analytical system and The National Project «Healthcare» and Healthcare.

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