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South Asia Economic Focus, Spring 2020

6 May 2020
Обзор доклада Всемирного Банка «Экономический фокус Южной Азии, весна 2020 г.»
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The overview of the World Bank’s South Asia Economic Focus, Spring 2020 report notes that, as a result of the crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the region could suffer its sharpest economic downturn in 40 years. The study also claims that the crisis could pose a threat to food security and further entrench social inequality. The harsh reality facing South Asian countries is that poorer people are more likely to be infected with coronavirus, as it is harder for them to maintain social distancing. They also have reduced access to medical services and even personal hygiene provisions.

Full text of the overview can be accessed by using this link.

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3 June 2020
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8 June 2020
Strong capital and stable funding balance the expected deterioration of the loan portfolio. Sberbank: Credit analysis

In this work, the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) examines the distinctive features of Sberbank which ensure its balanced and stable functioning in a worsening economic situation shaped by the coronavirus pandemic and the global oil crisis.