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Capital Confidence Barometer

27 April 2020
Обзор исследования аудиторско-консалтинговой компании Ernst & Young «Барометр уверенности компаний»
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4 September 2020
Throwing in at the Deep End: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Influenced Mining and Metal Production Market?

KPMG Mustread presents an article that addresses the situation in the mining and metal production market after the coronavirus pandemic. The article reflects sentiments of major international and Russian metal production companies as well as demand behavior outlook in the nearest future.

6 April 2020
Seven early lessons from the coronavirus

The article by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) discusses possible political, economic, and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the lessons to be learnt by the world, and the EU in particular, from this crisis.

8 June 2020
Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: Time to Refocus on Resilience

The work by Bain & Company stresses the ineffectiveness of the traditional approach to supply chain management in the current conditions. The experts describe new principles on which supply chains should now be based and suggest ways to improve the efficiency of existing supply chains amid the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.