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Provision of Technology Transfer at the National Level

1 November 2019
Обеспечение трансфера технологий на национальном уровне
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20 May 2019
Infrastructure Investments

The Infrastructure Investment 2019 analytical report prepared by InfraONE Research exclusively for the Russian Investment Forum 2019 is focused on the current market situation, its key trends, and contains a development forecast for 2019-2020.

30 August 2019
The Comprehensive Plan: Money, Constraints, Prospects

The study prepared by InfraONE Research, the analytical department of the investment company InfraONE, discusses the government’s plan to increase spending on infrastructure in the next six years, administrative and industry-related barriers that might hinder investment, and ways to overcome these barriers. The publication aims to inform market players and other stakeholders about the most pressing issues in infrastructure investment.

1 June 2021
Infrastructure - 2025: Challenges and Prospects

Infrastructure in a post-COVID-19 economy: has the pandemic affected Russian authorities and private investors’ plans? What will be infrastructure development scenario by 2025? What initiatives will become the milestone projects?

10 September 2020
Residential construction in the Russian Federation: Bonds replacing co-investment contracts

The rating agency Expert RA presents a study on the state of the residential real estate sector after a reform. The publication provides data on construction volumes in Russia, fluctuations in demand, developers’ entry into the bond market, etc.