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Antonio Fallico: Can business play a constructive role in the geopolitics of today?

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6 September 2019
Антонио Фаллико: Конструктивная роль бизнеса в современной геополитике
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Antonio Fallico, President, Conoscere Eurasia Association; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Banca Intesa
Can business play a constructive role in the geopolitics of today?

In a period of geopolitical instability, unpredictability has become a factor that goes hand in hand with many events. Business has a hard time working in such conditions since it needs clear rules of the game and guarantees that these rules will be observed. This is why a special role is played by business diplomacy, which often helps to solve numerous problems, overcome barriers, and provide opportunities for the development of trade and economic cooperation for the benefit of countries and people.

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