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Anton Tabakh: Countries Competing for Economic Growth: What is Russia's Plan?

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6 September 2019
Антон Табах: Конкуренция стран за экономический рост. Каков план России?
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Anton Tabakh, Managing Director for Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting, Expert RA

Countries Competing for Economic Growth: What is Russia’s Plan?

Existing macroeconomic stability is not enough to go from depending on natural resources to making infrastructure and technology a priority. It requires development impetus.

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15 October 2019
Andrey Slepnev: "It’s time to go beyond stereotypes amid the developing Russia-Africa economic relations"

In anticipation of the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum, Andrey Slepnev, General Director of REC, gave his perspective on comprehensive economic cooperation between Russia and African countries.

7 December 2020
Averting a lost COVID generation

In the report published in the run-up to World Children’s Day 2020, UNICEF calls for averting a lost generation as COVID-19 threatens to cause irreversible harm to children’s education, nutrition and wellbeing.

25 October 2017
Migration and its Impact on Cities

Migration (both internal and external) is one of the trends in the modern global world. Migration, caused by various causes, is becoming a challenge for States and their governments. However, the largest migration flows are observed in cities, which become points of attraction for various reasons. There were 244 million international migrants in
2015. 763 internal migrants. And according to current forecasts, these numbers will only increase creating new global challenges.

18 September 2019
Priority Areas for Implementing Smart City Technologies in Russian Municipalities

The Center for Strategic Research (CSR) has prepared an analytical report which attempts to formulate a systematic approach to solving the task of digital transformation and intellectualization of Russian cities based on the smart city concept.