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Averting a lost COVID generation

7 December 2020

In the report published in the run-up to World Children’s Day 2020, UNICEF calls for averting a lost generation as COVID-19 threatens to cause irreversible harm to children’s education, nutrition and wellbeing.

UNICEF warned in a new report today of significant and growing consequences for children as the COVID-19 pandemic lurches toward a second year. Released ahead of World Children’s Day, Averting a Lost COVID Generation is the first UNICEF report to comprehensively outline the dire and growing consequences for children as the pandemic drags on. It shows that while symptoms among infected children remain mild, infections are rising and the longer-term impact on the education, nutrition and well-being of an entire generation of children and young people can be life-altering.

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18 September 2020
Corruption and COVID-19

In this article, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) experts address how international economic recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has influenced implementation of a stricter anti-corruption policy.

Expert opinion
4 August 2020
Challenges of 2020 to Revise Sport’s Formats and Mission

How did the pandemic shift priorities to mass sport over high performance athletics? What principles will determine the programme of the next Olympic Games? What makes cybersport an integral part of corporate culture? What is the humanitarian role of sport in the post-COVID world? Why challenges of 2020 need to be factored into the Sport Strategy 2030? Georgy Bryusov, Deputy CEO and Head of Sport, Entertainment and Special Programmes at the Roscongress Foundation, shared his view on these important issues.

28 April 2020
COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Snapshot #1: Setting the Baseline

Published weekly, the COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Snapshot highlights information drawn from a BCG consumer survey that we execute approximately every two weeks with our coding and sampling partner, Dynata, in an effort to understand consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behavior and spending changes related to COVID-19 as they evolve. This snapshot presents insights from research completed in the US market from March 6 to March 9, prior to a number of major COVID-19-related events, including the US government’s restriction of air travel from Europe, the UK, and Ireland to the US and the halting of most major professional sports league play (including NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and the US national soccer teams).

6 February 2018
Youth in Agriculture

BAYER presents the next issue of the Future of Agriculture magazine entitled Youth in Agriculture. The The Future of Agriculture contains proposals aimed at improving the standard of living, through the sustainable development of agriculture and innovations in this field.