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4 October 2022
Артем Довлатов: «Результаты работы будут заметны для всех жителей Дальнего Востока»
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6 September 2018
From the World Cup to a gas pipeline across North Korea

What can be done to increase the flow of goods and investment between Russia and South Korea?

10 March 2020
Economic health of Russia’s regions: positive outlook

The credit rating agency Expert RA has studied the economic health of Russian regions, describing the factors that have had either a positive or a negative effect. The analysts note an upward trend, emphasizing that the trend continues in 2019 for high-performing and low-performing regions alike.

18 May 2022
What Worries the World. April 2022

The study presents the results of a survey of the people in 27 countries, conducted by Ipsos, on current topics and the level of approval of the development prospects of countries.