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“Global economies require less protectionism”

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22 May 2018
«Экономике нужно меньше протекционизма»
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Chairman of the Supervisory Board, TUI, exclusively for SPIEF.

Which innovations are a priority for the world today?

Never before has there been such rapid technological progress and innovation as we have seen in the last 100 years. But we must not forget about people. Innovations are needed to improve quality of life. This applies to the most fundamental sectors: agriculture and food, energy conservation, and the further development of renewable energy sources.

On what should world leaders agree?

We need to reach an agreement on arms control and creating a safe society. Another important goal for politicians should be achieving general prosperity for everyone.

What is your economic outlook for 2030?

Global economies require more predictability, greater flexibility, and less protectionism. Here I’m talking mainly about the USA and China. Despite the uniform nature of their political decision-making, European leaders also have to reckon with national affairs. I think that we will achieve economic growth in the coming years, which will be accompanied by the expansion of the digital economy and the creation of a large number of jobs.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs today?

There’s no fixed set of rules, but companies that monitor the funds they have available are able to weather crises. It’s important to see the risks which are present early enough to take appropriate measures to counter them. We have occasionally been observing the opposite trends in recent years.

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6 November 2020
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6 September 2018
“Ideas themselves are worth very little”

One of the key themes of EEF 2018 is the digital economy. Alexander Galitsky, founder of venture fund Almaz Capital and one of the bestknown entrepreneurs in the Russian IT industry, discusses whether it has become more difficult for Russian companies to break into the international market, the culture of buying innovation in Russia, and why blockchain is the future.

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3 August 2020
COVID-19: Overview as of June 1, 2020

The study deals with the new realities of economic and social relations resulting from the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences. It contains possible scenarios of disease spread and its consequences, as well as the main features of the current situation, which should be taken into account when developing and implementing a business recovery strategy.