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24 January 2023
2023 Global outlook. A new investment playbook

Blackrock specialists in their annual review of key trends in the financial markets are looking for answers to the questions that 2022 has asked.

The National Program “Digital Economy”
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22 July 2019
Digital Technologies in Russian Companies

The aims of the study by KPMG are to assess the current level of digitalization in large Russian companies, find out which technologies are tested and implemented the most commonly, and outline main approaches to managing digital transformation.

29 May 2019
National report: high-tech business in the regions of Russia

The National Report, developed by the RANEPA specialists, the Association of Russia’s Innovative Regions, together with the Interfax group, is dedicated to analyzing high-tech business in the regions of Russia. The report indicates the risks of digital economy, features of the military-industrial complex and of the high-tech solutions’ support policies,the profiles of the regions with indicators of high-tech business are made.

29 May 2019
Report on the digital economy development in Russia. Competition in the digital age: strategic challenges for Russia

The report was prepared by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the participation of the World Bank and presents an assay of the best international practices related to the digital transformation which covers a broad range of issues arising in the digital transformation process in the public and private sectors and approaches of the said sectors development planning strategies in the development strategies for these sectors as a part of the digitizing.

11 December 2018
Digitalization in small and medium-sized towns of Russia

This publication by Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism in collaboration with Yandex.Taxi studies digital services penetration in Russia by comparing levels of digitalization in localities of varying degree of urbanization.