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24 January 2023
2023 Global outlook. A new investment playbook

Blackrock specialists in their annual review of key trends in the financial markets are looking for answers to the questions that 2022 has asked.

Space industry
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14 October 2020
The impacts of COVID-19 on the space industry

As part of the digitalization of the economy, satellite signals and data play an increasingly pivotal role in economic development. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, this positive trend could be reversed. There is a risk that the crisis could lead to more industry concentration, eliminating smaller and younger firms.

Expert opinion
2 June 2020
Even if travelling to Mars is banned, humans will travel anyway

The beginning of June has traditionally been when the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has taken place. We thought this would be a good time to look back at some of the stand out talks from previous years. One of them was by Georgy Grechko, Russian pilot, cosmonaut, and two-time Hero of the Soviet Union, who spoke in 2011 at the session «50 Years of Space Flight: Prospects for Manned Programmes». What did this legendary cosmonaut speak about?

Analytical digest
29 May 2020
COVID-19 and the airport industry

There is no industry more severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic than aviation.

29 April 2020
Aviation year zero – The future is reinvention

The study presents the expert opinion of specialists from Arthur D. Little on key modern challenges for aviation and promising areas of response to these challenges.

29 August 2019
Indian Record

India is a guest country of EEF 2019, and prime minister Narendra Modi is coming to Vladivostok. In only six years, Russia and India’ s mutual investment will have exceeded $30 billion, primarily due to cooperation in military industry and nuclear energy, where our two countries have successfully engaged in numerous shared projects.

12 July 2019
Air traffic increases, finances in crisis

The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) offers a comparative analysis of the operating and financial indicators of Russian and foreign airline companies.

12 April 2019
Commercial Aircraft Market in 2018

The Centre of Development Institute of the National Research University Higher School of Economics has produced a review of the commercial aircraft market. The study is focused on long-haul passenger aircraft.

Expert opinion
22 May 2018
“Politics is transformed in the face of the vast frontiers of space”
President, Boeing International, exclusively for SPIEF.