2021 year
2021 year

The territory of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District is located in the Arctic zone in the north of the world’s largest West Siberian plain and covers a vast area of more than 750,000 m2, washed from the north by the Kara Sea.

In terms of industrial production per capita, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug ranks first among the regions of the Ural Federal District and second after the Nenets Autonomous Okrug among the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The volume of industrial output is most determined by the volume of the predominant type of economic activity — mining.

Yamal ranks first among Russian regions in terms of natural gas production.

The main enterprises producing natural gas on the territory of the Autonomous Okrug are subsidiaries of PJSC Gazprom.

The county’s transportation system is undergoing significant improvements. The accessibility of many municipalities is increasing (the Salekhard-Nadym road, the bridge over the Pur River) and large-scale infrastructure projects are being implemented (the Northern Latitudinal Passage).

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

  • extraction of minerals (hydrocarbons);

  • oil and gas chemistry;

  • construction;

  • consumer sector industries.

The main goal of the Strategy is to ensure a sustainable increase in the level and quality of life of the population on the basis of the formation and development of a competitive economy in compliance with the relevant environmental requirements.

The priority areas for achieving the strategic goal of socio-economic development of the Autonomous Okrug are:

  • modernization of infrastructure and social sectors;

  • development of economic potential;

  • preservation and development of human potential and traditions;

  • environmental protection and environmental improvement;

  • the formation of the Autonomous Okrug as an international outpost for the development of the Arctic.

Factors of investment attractiveness of the region:

  • a wide system of preferences for investment projects (profit tax, property tax, land allocation without bidding).);

  • the system of support of investment activity (support of investment projects on the principle of «„one window“», microcredit and leasing organizations of the district);

  • a developed consumer market (the average salary in the district at the end of 2019 is 85 thousand rubles).

Head of the Region
Dmitry Artyukhov
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