2021 year
2021 year

The Tver Region is the largest region of Central Russia, with the regional center located between the cities of Moscow (167 km) and St. Petersburg (485 km). The main rail and road routes to Northern and Central Europe run through the region.

The region’s economy is based on industrial, construction, fuel and energy complexes, wholesale and retail trade, transport and communications, which form about two-thirds of the gross regional product of the Tver region.

The most popular areas of private investment in the Tver region are: the agro-industrial sector, woodworking, objects of the tourist and recreational sphere and individual housing construction, production of machinery and equipment, objects of trade and services, including logistics.The unique location of the region within the largest sales market in the Russian Federation provides a high investment and transport potential of the Tver Region.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

  • industrial sector;

  • agro-industrial sector;

  • woodworking;

  • objects of the tourist and recreational sphere and individual housing construction;

  • logistics sector.

The priority directions in the development of the economy of the Tver region are the support of small and medium-sized businesses, the development of agriculture, and the industrial sector. The development of innovative industrial, ecotechnopark, machine-building production.

The factors of investment attractiveness include:

  • innovation and industrial parks operating in the region. Investors who are residents of the innovation and industrial park receive a number of advantages and preferences (tax incentives, simplified procedure for granting land plots).

  • on the territory of the region, there is a procedure for recognizing an investment project as a priority investment project. The status of a priority investment project allows you to count on a number of preferences and advantages in the implementation of the project.

  • the unique location between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the developed road and railway network allow enterprises to get direct access to the largest sales market in Russia.

Head of the Region
Igor Rudenya
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