All support measures of the region Saratov Region

Conclusion of a special investment contract

Main measure of support

Availability of a special investment contract, without the participation of the Russian Federation:
reducing the corporate income tax rate in the part credited to the regional budget from 18% to 13.5%.
Availability of a special investment contract that is a party to a special investment contract concluded by the Russian Federation with the participation of the Saratov region:

organizations in the part credited to the regional budget, from 18% to 5%.

Setting the corporate property tax rate to be credited to the budget of the Saratov region at the rate of 0.1 %.

Terms of support

The investor undertakes to implement an investment project for the introduction or development and implementation of technology for the development of mass production of industrial products based on this technology on the territory of the Russian Federation, and (or) on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, and (or) in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation, investing in the project their own and (or) attracted funds.

Support restrictions

Type of instrument
Tax incentives
Duration of support
Saratov Region
Body providing support
Authority Department of the Federal tax service for the Saratov region; Ministry of industry and energy of the Saratov region (the authorized Executive authority of the Saratov region to conclude special investment contracts).
Recipients of support
  • Investor

List of documents required to receive support

Availability of a special investment contract

Regulatory document

Federal law «On industrial policy in the Russian Federation»