All support measures of the region Saratov Region

Providing a land plot for rent without bidding for the implementation of a large-scale investment project

Main measure of support
Provision of a land plot to legal entities for lease without bidding in accordance with sub-item 3 of item 2 of article 39.6 of the Land code of the Russian Federation for placement of objects of social and cultural and municipal purposes

Terms of support

Criteria for granting a land plot in state or municipal ownership for lease without bidding: a) objects whose placement will significantly (by 0.5 percent or more, but not less than 125 jobs) increase the number of jobs in the municipality where they are located; b) objects whose placement will significantly (by 0.5 percent or more, but not less than 2.5 million rubles) increase the annual revenue from taxes collected on the territory of the municipality;

Support restrictions

The investment project must meet the requirements specified in article 16 Of the law of the Saratov region dated 30.09.2014 No. 122-LSR «On the land».
Type of instrument
Rental incentives (including land)
Duration of support
Saratov Region
Body providing support
Authority Ministry of economic development of the Saratov region
Recipients of support
  • Investor

List of documents required to receive support

The list of documents required for applying for a land plot and recognizing an investment project as large-scale: Statement. Documents confirming the authority of the person signing the application. Copies of the legal entity's constituent documents certified by a legal entity. Business plan. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Cadastral passport. Extract from the Unified state register of real Estate. Approved document for planning and surveying the territory. Layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan. If a special tax regime is applied, copies of the tax Declaration certified by a legal entity as of the last reporting date

Regulatory document

Law of the Saratov region from 30.09.2014 № 122-LSR «On the land»
Decree Of the government of the Saratov region dated 05.08.2016 No. 410-R «On approval of the Regulations on the procedure for reviewing documents justifying the compliance of large-scale investment projects with the criteria established by the law of the Saratov region «On the land»