2021 year
2021 year

The Rostov region is located in the southern part of the East European Plain and partly in the North Caucasus region, occupying a vast territory in the Lower Don river basin.

A favorable economic and geographical position of the region, developed transport infrastructure, high availability of labor resources, lack of social tensions have historically determined the position of the region as one of the largest in the South centers diversified industry, the development of agriculture, science and culture. According to the pace of economic transformation in recent years and the volume of output of goods and services, the region occupies one of the leading positions, both in the Southern Federal District and in Russia as a whole.

The Rostov region has a well-developed transport infrastructure, represented by railways and highways of federal significance, sea and river ports, and the international airport «Platov».

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

  • industrial production;
  • agriculture;
  • wholesale and retail trade.

The investment policy of the region is built in accordance with the Strategy of Socio-economic Development of the Rostov Region until 2030, as well as the state program of the Rostov region «„Economic Development and Innovative Economy“» (the sub-program «„Creating favorable conditions for attracting investment to the Rostov region“»). Foreign investments in the territory of the region enjoy full and unconditional legal protection.

The region has a number of competitive advantages that create prerequisites for attracting investment and successful progressive development.

The main factors of investment attractiveness of the Rostov region are:

  • favorable geographical position, providing the name «gate» of Russia to the black sea, Mediterranean and Caspian basins;
  • developed transport infrastructure;
  • high natural resource potential (temperate continental climate, 65% of land resources are chernozems);
  • highly developed industry and, above all, the machine-building complex;
  • rich raw material base for the processing industry;
  • a wide range of mineral resources;
  • availability of a highly qualified and active workforce;
  • dynamically developing infrastructure of market institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment companies, leasing companies, etc.);
  • the presence of a regulatory framework that ensures the investment attractiveness of the region;
  • high consumer demand;
  • stable socio-political situation.

Head of the Region
Vasily Golubev
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