2021 year
2021 year

The Penza Region is located in the center of the European part of Russia and is part of the Volga Federal District.

In terms of GRP growth rates, the Penza Region ranks 1st among the regions of the Volga Federal District.

In 2019, the region became one of the leaders in Russia in terms of the number of large-scale investment projects implemented.

The Penza Region is the largest transport hub at the crossroads of highways and railways, connecting the central regions of Russia, the Volga region, the Urals and Siberia.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

  • manufacturing industries;
  • agriculture;
  • trade;
  • construction;
  • real estate transactions;
  • transport and communication.

The Penza region is a region with a high resource, production, scientific, technical and human potential, which makes it an optimal place for placing production facilities of any industry profile.

There are favorable conditions for capital investment in the region: geographical location at the intersection of important highways of the country, developed infrastructure that reduces the costs of the investor in the implementation of the project.

The government of the Penza Region pays full attention and organizes support for major projects, and the region has a promising investment legislation that establishes all forms of state support.

The main factors of the investment attractiveness of the Penza region include:

  • openness of the actions of the authorities and transparency of the decisions made;
  • availability of a system of guarantees and mechanisms for protecting the rights of investors;
  • developed infrastructure to support investment activities;
  • progressive system of tax benefits and financial support;
  • availability of qualified personnel.

Head of the Region
Melnichenko Oleg Vladimirovich
Acting Governor
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