2021 year
2021 year

The Omsk region is located in the south of the West Siberian plain, at the intersection of the transport corridors «„Europe-China“» and «„North-Central Asia“». It borders the Republic of Kazakhstan in the south.

The priority sectors of the economy include the agro-industrial complex, oil refining and chemical industry, mechanical engineering and other important areas. The economy of the region does not have a raw material orientation, it is based on developed high-tech manufacturing industries (more than a third of GRP).

The transport infrastructure of the region is represented by the Trans-Siberian Railway, highways connecting the northern territories of Russia with the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia, the international airport of the city of Omsk and the river port.

The current Strategy for the socio-economic Development of the Omsk Region until 2025 was approved by the Decree of the Governor of the Omsk Region No. 93 of June 24, 2013.

The strategy was developed in order to determine the priorities, goals and objectives of the socio-economic development of the region for the period up to 2025 and is aimed at implementing its main competitive advantages.

Based on the prospects of socio-economic development, it is planned to implement the following areas:

  • development of industry and industrial infrastructure;
  • development of the agro-industrial complex;
  • development of the transport and logistics sector;
  • development of the electricity and heat power sector;
  • promotion of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • ensuring the territorial development of the Omsk region and other things.

The strengths of the socio-economic situation according to the Strategy include:

  • significant resource potential (human, natural, investment);
  • the presence of a city with a population of one million, in which the main part of the population of the region is concentrated;
  • developed scientific and educational complex;
  • modern business and production infrastructure of the city of Omsk;
  • favorable geographical location at the intersection of transport corridors;
  • favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of major agricultural crops, etc.

Currently, the Government of the Omsk Region is developing a strategy for 2030, which is based on new mechanisms that should become accelerators of the socio-economic development of the region and ensure the innovative and digital transformation of the regional economy.

Head of the Region
Vitaliy Pavlovich Khotsenko
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