2021 year
2021 year

The Irkutsk region is located at the intersection of the main transport routes connecting Europe with the Far Eastern part of Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The(bulk) main volume of investments in the region is directed to the oil and gas complex, as well as projects in the field of mining and processing of minerals, including coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

— mineral resource complex;
— fuel and energy complex;
— oil and gas chemistry and gas supply;
— metallurgical complex;
— machine-building complex;
— timber industry complex;
— biotechnological complex;
— pharmaceutical complex;
— agro-industrial complex;
— tourist and recreational complex;
— construction complex;
— transport and logistics complex;
— digital economy.

Factors of investment attractiveness of the region are:

— low cost of energy resources;
— large reserves of available minerals;
— high industrial potential;
— unique recreational, forest and water resources;
— tax incentives and investment support) tax benefits and support for investment activities (provision of benefits for property tax and income tax);
— transport and logistics potential (BAM, Trans-Siberian Railway, federal highways, international airports in Irkutsk and Bratsk);
— a well-developed scientific and educational complex.

Head of the Region
Kobzev Igor
Governor of Irkutsk Oblast
Official website of the Region