All support measures of the region Amur Region

Provision of guarantees for the obligations of small and medium-sized enterprises

Main measure of support

Providing a guarantee is an aid to entrepreneurs who want to take out a loan from a bank, but do not have sufficient collateral to receive the required amount. The guarantee fund takes part of the risks of non-repayment of the loan by the borrower to the bank, adds its own guarantee for the entrepreneur. To use this form of financial support, you need to contact one of the partner banks or the Fund for Assistance in Lending to Small and Medium-sized Businesses of the Amur Region.

Terms of support

  • registration of small and medium-sized businesses in the Amur region;

  • the term of economic activity-not less than 3 months;

  • absence of overdue debts to budgets of all levels, as well as violations of the terms of previously concluded credit agreements, loan agreements, leasing agreements, etc.;

  • guarantee period-up to 7 years;

  • the amount and term of the loan are not limited;

  • The amount of own collateral for the loan in the amount of: at least 30 % for priority activities; at least 50% for non-priority activities.

The amount of guarantees of the Guarantee Fund from the loan amount: up to 70% for priority activities; up to 50 % for non-priority activities.

The maximum amount of a one-time guarantee and / or guarantee issued in respect of a single SME entity is 25 million rubles.

The maximum amount of obligations under suretyship and / or guarantee agreements that can simultaneously apply to one SME entity is 37.5 million rubles.

If you want to implement a medium or large project, the guarantee of the Fund can supplement the guarantees of another participant of the National Guarantee System-JSC «SME Corporation».
Together, the Fund and JSC «SME Corporation» can provide up to 75% of the amount of necessary financing.

Support restrictions

The guarantee of the Fund is not provided to SMEs and (or) organizations of the infrastructure for supporting SMEs:

  • in case of failure to submit a complete set of documents determined by the highest or other authorized body of the Fund, or provide false information and documents;
  • if (in less than 2 previous years) the Borrower violates the procedure and conditions for providing support provided by the Fund in the form of Guarantees, including those that did not ensure the intended use of the funds of this support;
  • at the stage of liquidation, reorganization, as well as in the case of application of insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures, including supervision, financial recovery, external management, bankruptcy proceedings;
  • when carrying out business activities in the field of gambling, production and (or) sale of excisable goods, extraction and (or) sale of minerals, with the exception of common minerals;
  • participants in the production sharing agreement, credit organizations, insurance organizations (with the exception of consumer cooperatives), investment funds, non-state pension funds, professional participants in the securities market, pawnshops;
  • who are, in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation on currency regulation and currency control, non-residents of the Russian Federation.
Type of instrument
Warranties (guarantees) for bank loans
Duration of support
Amur Region
Body providing support
Other A non-profit organization "Fund of support of lending to small and medium enterprises in the Amur region" is a non-profit organization "Fund of support of lending to small and medium enterprises Amur region"
Recipients of support
  • Micro enterprise (business)
  • Small enterprise (business)
  • Medium enterprise (business)
  • Large enterprise (business)
  • Individual entrepreneur
  • Exporter
  • Innovator (start-up)
  • Investor
  • Farm (peasant) economy

Regulatory document

The procedure for granting guarantees to small and medium-sized businesses and (or) organizations that form the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses and fulfilling obligations under the concluded guarantee agreements by the non-profit organization "Fund for Assistance to Lending to Small and Medium-sized Businesses of the Amur Region".