2021 year
2021 year

The Altai Territory is located in the south-east of Western Siberia, on the border of continental Asia, 3419 km from Moscow.

The recreational potential in combination with the favorable climate of the south of Western Siberia, the rich historical and cultural heritage provide an opportunity for the development of various types of tourism and sports and entertainment recreation in the territory of the Altai Territory. The region also has unique natural healing resources necessary for the development of spa complexes and is one of the largest centers of the health industry in Russia. (The region also possesses unique natural healing resources necessary for the development of health resort complexes)

Labor resources of the Altai territory, prepared by the scientific and educational institutions of various profiles, are characterized by high professional level and is are able to satisfy the needs ( meet the requirments) of a developing economy in the research and highly qualified personnel to implement innovative projects and placement of new technological industries.

The Altai Territory is located at the intersection of transcontinental transit cargo and passenger flows, in close proximity to major raw materials and processing regions. Highways connecting Russia with Mongolia and Kazakhstan, a railway connecting Central Asia with the Trans-Siberian Railway, and international airlines pass through the territory of the region.

The policy of the Altai Territory is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for attracting investment: improving the forms of state support for business, developing infrastructure (transport, energy), strengthening the economic position of the region within Russia and abroad, ensuring the legal rights of owners, public discussion of regulatory legal acts in the field of investment and entrepreneurship.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

— food production;
— roduction of machine-building products (car, boiler, diesel, agricultural machinery, production of electrical equipment); (production of engineering products (carriage)
— production of coke, rubber and plastic products;
— chemical production;
— industry;
— trade;
— agriculture.

Head of the Region
Tomenko Viktor Petrovich
Governor of Altai Krai
Official website of the Region