2021 year
2021 year

The Republic of Mari El is located in the east of the East European Plain, in the middle reaches of the Volga River and is part of the Volga Federal District.

The region has a well-developed transport network, which is represented by highways, railways, oil and gas pipelines, navigable rivers, as well as air traffic. In the structure of industrial production, the main share is occupied by manufacturing industries.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

  • food production;
  • production of computers, electronic and optical products;
  • production of petroleum products;
  • production of machinery and equipment;
  • production of finished metal products;
  • dairy and meat farming;
  • poultry farming;
  • crop production.

The main factors of the investment attractiveness of the Republic include:

  • favorable economic and geographical location in the center of the European part of Russia;
  • high level of infrastructure development;
  • high scientific, technical and human resources potential;
  • progressive legislation in the field of investor support, stability of investment legislation;
  • active state support for investment activities;
  • work with investors on the principle of  «one window»;
  • highly developed infrastructure to support investors;
  • availability of free investment sites;
  • the presence of large production complexes of the Russian and international level;
  • availability of highly profitable mineral deposits for development;
  • actively developing international and interregional cooperation;
  • rich historical and cultural heritage, developed social infrastructure.

Head of the Region
Yuri Zaitsev
Head of the Republic
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