2021 year
2021 year

The Kabardino-Balkar Republic is located in the central part of the Main Caucasus Range and is part of the North Caucasus Federal District.

The Republic is a dynamically developing region with a number of competitive advantages. The territorial location, climatic conditions, natural, scientific and human resources determine the formation of a serious tourist and recreational, industrial and agricultural potential of the region.

Kabardino-Balkaria is one of the largest centers of the North Caucasus Federal District in the field of spa treatment, tourism, mountaineering and skiing, and also has universal transport accessibility.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

— agriculture;
— tourism;
— industry.

The main factors of investment attractiveness of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic include:

— favorable natural and climatic conditions, including for the production of environmentally friendly food and ecotourism;
— availability of mineral reserves, the products of deep processing of which are in demand on the republican and Russian markets;
— the presence of a strong recreational potential;
— availability of raw materials for the development of animal husbandry;
— large hydropower potential of the Republic’s rivers;
— high availability of labor resources in the economy;
— a wide range of legally established measures of state support for investment activities.

Head of the Region
Kokov Kazbek Valeryevich
Head of Kabardino-Balkaria
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