2021 year
2021 year

The Republic of Adygea is located on the picturesque slopes of the Northwestern Caucasus and in the valleys of the Kuban and Laba rivers. It is one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Russia, with a unique nature, rich culture and significant economic potential.

Favorable climatic conditions, the availability of fertile land and industrial reserves of a number of minerals have largely determined the priorities in the development of the republic’s economy. It acts as a supplier of various agricultural raw materials, products of mechanical engineering and metalworking, forestry and woodworking, food industry.

The Republic of Adygea is constantly striving to expand international economic relations. More than 30 countries of the world, including Germany, Turkey, France, and Italy, are partners of Adygea enterprises and organizations in foreign trade.

An important component of the natural potential of the republic is the resort, recreational and tourist resources. The territory of the region belongs to the zone of mixed tourism, both sports and recreational, and educational.

The main contribution to the GRP of the Republic of Adygea is made by:

  • industry (manufacturing industries);
  • trade;
  • agricultural industry.

One of the main priorities of the Strategy is to ensure advanced socio-economic development, assuming economic growth at the level of 4.9% (average annual accumulated GRP growth for the period from 2016 to 2030), and GRP per capita growth by 1.8 times by 2030.

The strategic development model of the Republic of Adygea provides for 7 priority areas of development (flagship projects):

  1. Education-the basis for the development of Adygea;
  2. Healthy Adygea;
  3. Development of the tourist and recreational complex;
  4. Development of «„green“» energy;
  5. Development of the agro-industrial complex;
  6. The development of the industry;
  7. Complex of smart trade and logistics.

The factors of investment attractiveness of the region include:

  • favorable agroclimatic conditions and soil composition for agriculture;
  • the popularity of a number of regional brands outside the republic (this is «Adyghe cheese», «Adyghe salt»);
  • the availability of a number of industries with their own raw materials (the forest industry, the construction materials industry);
  • the availability of relatively inexpensive skilled labor;
  • favorable geostrategic position of the republic (proximity of economically developed regions-Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Rostov region);
  • redistribution of recreational resources and cultural heritage sites;
  • relatively compact location of the main attractions and tourist infrastructure;
  • accessibility (low cost) of recreation in Adygea;
  • mineral and thermal water reserves as a factor in the development of the spa network.

Head of the Region
Murat Kumpilov
Head of the Republic
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